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Said Dokins

“Often my work is in constant tension between wild and organic writing and the order of structure, between the legible and the indecipherable, between the visible and the hidden, between the inscription and its erasure”

Said Dokins is a Mexican contemporary artist interested in the displacement of the linguistic sign and its multiple aesthetic possibilities in relation to context and history. His work shakes the language to look at what is underneath its mechanisms for the construction of meaning. Whether on large walls in public space or through installations and sculptures on various supports -which even include the transience of light, with ephemeral pieces suspended in the air, legible only by capturing time- his work creates semantic universes where words are malleable and letters defy alphabetic limitations to weave warps of meaning that link urban space with moments, people, worlds…

Portrait of the contemporary artist Said Dokins painting a canvas with calligraphy and calligraffiti

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Type: Ink on 300 g Cotton Paper
Size: 70 x 50 Centimeters
Year: 2019

Signed by the artist
All inks come with their personal certificate signed and dated by the artist.


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