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The 1st Largest Murals in Mexico’s Penitentiary System

This time, we want to present to you a very special work for us because of the important impact it had in the community we work with, as well as for the questions it opens regarding penitentiary politics and our ways our society administers justice. Said Dokins, Cix, and Spaik take us to a place far away from our daily sigh and time passing. It is a prison, that institution raised by the State as a place of exception, where social logics are interrupted, exacerbated, transformed; a punishment space that fulfills the double function of confining those who are inside, to isolation and punishment, and threatening those who are outside.


The Mexican artist Said Dokins with the prisoners of the Michoacan penitentiary to his mural calligraphy art
The artist Said Dokins collaborates with the inmates of the high-security prison in Morelia to create the 1st Largest Murals in Mexico’s Penitentiary System

We are in the CE.RE.SO. (Centre of Social Reinsertion) of Maximum Security for High Impact Crimes of Morelia, Michoacán. Around us, the landscape is composed by solid inextricable walls, kilometers of bars and wire fences, and gray overwashed uniforms that seem to constrain those who wear them.

This is the place where the three renowned Mexican artists burst in to disrupt the space and the dynamics of its inhabitants for some days, canceling the disciplinary routine. Strokes, color, words, participation, evocation, and imagination, became the key elements in the relationships of collaboration established by the artists with the People Deprived of Freedom (PDF) on the production of three great murals: “Puedes Volver a Volar” (You Can Fly Again) by Spaik, “Estado Mental” (Mental State) by Cix, and “Memoria Canera” (Memories from Jail) by Said Dokins, the largest penitentiary murals in Mexico, an intervention without precedents in the country because of its dimensions.

The 1st Largest Murals in Mexico's Penitentiary System
Mural by Spike , part of the Largest Murals in Mexico’s Penitentiary System
The 1st Largest Murals in Mexico's Penitentiary System
Cix. The 1st Largest Murals in Mexico’s Penitentiary System


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