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The Hidden Words of Pandemic Calligraphy

Even if the current health contingency situation keeps us indoors, working at home, I think it’s important that we keep together, connected, and supporting each other, as we all make our way through these challenging times.

Although my next outdoor projects are temporarily postponed, this time of confinement has been an opportunity to focus on my work indoors, in a more introspective and intimate manner, during my Art Residence in Ugly Food House, a cultural space dedicated to print methods experimentation.

Ghosting Series

The artist Said Dokins at work
Hidden Words 01, Ghosting Series. Calligraphy Fine Art Prints, Said Dokins 2020

Collaboration With Ugly Food House. The Fine Art Studio

As the situation demands, we have planned a series of online activities, such as virtual visits to the studio, conversations through Instagram Live, transmissions of the new artworks teasers, and participations in friends and partners online activities, among others, so we can keep in touch, at least virtually, maintaining open communication with the cultural and artistic community over the world. This way, we can share and exchange information, and support each other to overcome this crisis together! Over the upcoming weeks, I’ll continue sharing with you my current artwork and other materials produced during this residence.

Here, I present to you my first Print Edition: ‘Ghosting Series. Hidden Words 01’, the first of a series of three Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. This new collection, combines conceptual art, printmaking, and calligraphy, to go deeper on the concept of “Ghosting”.
The concept of “Ghosting” addresses the notion of ‘phantasmagoria’ of the late eighteenth century, a series of optical illusions applied in theatres to create horror atmospheres.

Calligraphy Fine Art Print by the artist Said Dokins. Calligraffiti Ghosting Series Fine Art Prints
Hidden Words 01, Ghosting Series. Calligraphy Fine Art Print, Said Dokins 2020

What Remains Invisible

If we think of contemporary society, phantasmagoria would appear as the hidden aspect of the illusion of progress. Following the German philosopher Walter Benjamin, it seems that History shows us that there is no way to repair the ruins that we are leaving behind through time, and that concealment, that denial of the remains, is what appears in reality in the form of a ghost.
The Covid-19 pandemic global scenario unveils the promises of a worldwide community; the closing borders, fascists discourses, and xenophobia popping out everywhere let the falseness of these expectations uncovered.

This first edition, ‘Ghosting Series. Hidden Words 01’, is a large 4 layer screenprint on 100% fine cotton paper. Stirred in with metallics, matts, glosses, and transparencies, this piece invites the viewer to interact, to move around and look closer; to reveal its hidden textures, layers, and messages.

Hidden Words 01, Ghosting Series. Calligraphy Fine Art Prints, Said Dokins 2020


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