6 impressive works by Said Dokins in which his political position and social commitment stand out. Aware of the power of writing as an act of enunciation, the artist uses this political gesture to make visible the mechanisms of power in specific contexts.
In their last issue of 2020, Forbes Magazine Mexico presents its list of the Top 100 Most Creative Mexicans in the World.Including women and men who have stood out internationally during the year, despite the challenges it had posed, for their contributions in different creative fields, such as gastronomy, music, literature, architecture, visual arts, among others.
Dear friends, As we leave 2020 behind, we can only be grateful to you for having accompanied us in this strange times. Without a doubt, the possibility of reflecting and sharing my work with you has been very important to me. Thank you for your friendship and support, with all my heart I wish you the best for this new year.
Faced with the panorama of global contingency, the artist and calligrapher Said Dokins collaborates with Gama Gallery and photographer Elisabeta Riccio, where they address the issue of the pandemic and the need for unity and help through art. The exhibition called 'Together isolation' includes collaborations with international artists from China, Italy, Mexico, United States, among others.
Ghosting Series. Hidden Words 01' is the first of a series of three Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. This new collection in collaboration between the artists Said Dokins and Ugly Food House Studio as conceptual art combines printmaking, and calligraphy, to go deeper on the notion of 'phantasmagoria' of the late eighteenth century, a series of optical illusions applied in theatres to create horror atmospheres.
Said Dokins, Cix and Spaik take us to a place far away from our daily sigh and time passing. It is a prison, that institution raised by the State as a place of exception, where social logics are interrupted, exacerbated, transformed; a punishment space that fulfils the double function of confining those who are inside, to isolation and punishment, and threatening those who are outside.

Ideas, texts, concepts, events, news, and announcements about our relationship with the city, letters, calligraphy, and art by the artist Said Dokins.

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