Said Dokins' 'Bio-Res-Crituras' at Science Gallery Monterrey delves into the symbiosis of art and science. This exhibition, born from Dokins' residency, navigates microcellular dynamics, reflecting on humanity's essence through a unique artistic lens.
Khalid Al Jallafis from United Arab Emirates, and Said Dokins from Mexico, who offered live demos to show the public the origins, transitions, and evolution of calligraphy in both countries. The visitors had also the opportunity to receive from the artists their names written in Arabic or Latin calligraphy, taking them closer to the Arab and Castellan culture and writing.
United Arab Emirates - Goverment of Sharjah Departament of Culture - Directorate of Cultural Affairs. Invites to Guadalajara Exhibition Seminar: Arabic Calligraphy: Its history, its origin and its influence on other cultures with Mexican Artist Said Dokins and Emirati calligraphy artist, Khalid Al Jallaf 30 November 2022 -5:00 p.m
6 impressive works by Said Dokins in which his political position and social commitment stand out. Aware of the power of writing as an act of enunciation, the artist uses this political gesture to make visible the mechanisms of power in specific contexts.
In their last issue of 2020, Forbes Magazine Mexico presents its list of the Top 100 Most Creative Mexicans in the World.Including women and men who have stood out internationally during the year, despite the challenges it had posed, for their contributions in different creative fields, such as gastronomy, music, literature, architecture, visual arts, among others.

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