Black Moon. Ink series 08


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Ink. Unique piece.

Type:  Ink on 3 layer screenprint on somerset paper, 250 gms, 100% cotton
Size: 18.2 x 18.4  cm. with deckled edges
Unique piece
Year: 2018
Signed: Bottom
Studio: Ugly Food House

All inks come with their personal certificate signed and dated by the artist and master printer












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About Black Moon Ink Series

Inspired in the Haiku piece by Santôka, Dokins explores the encounters between Asian and prehispanic Mexican cultures and their coincidences while interpreting nature, transitions, life, and death cycles.

There’s something in the sky’s heart, an energy that makes the wind displace and affect all the things. From the fog or between the waters throwing soil and diamond dust, or perhaps behind a mask moving all the celestial bodies. Possibly is the same energy present when we blow from the inside and transforms breath into the word that connects the alphabets. Sometimes, it edges out the strong choleric torrents which activate the riot and the rising.

Is a storm too, that refrains time to come back, where the ruin is a corps palimpsest, where the future is untrue and the past is rubble. There it is, it’s ambivalent nature lies in that uncertainty, where the inert come to live and after a sigh death harbors everything.

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