Hidden Words 01. Ghosting Series


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Fine Art Print By Said Dokins
Type: 4 Layer Serigraph
Paper: Somerset 250 gsm (100% cotton paper)
Deckled Edges
Size: 55.5 x 75 cm
Edition: 10
Signed: Bottom
Year: 2020
Print Studio: Ugly Food House

Other details: Rakkan and Chop at bottom

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About Ghosting Series Fine Art Prints

It addresses the notion of ‘phantasmagoria’ of the late eighteenth century, a series of optical illusions that referred to horror.
If we think of contemporary society, phantasmagoria would appear as the hidden aspect of the illusion of progress.
It seems that history teaches us that there is no way to repair the ruins that we are leaving through time and that concealment, that denial of the remains is what appears in reality in the form of a ghost.





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