Carpella II - White - Blotter Variant


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Calligraphy letter Print

Author: Said Dokins
Type: Archival Pigment Print on Perforated Blotter Paper
Size: 7.5 x 7.5 Inches
Year: 2019
Signed: Bottom
Edition: 50


Studio: 1xRUN Detroit














This RUN is signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Said Dokins and 1xRUN.

For Said Dokins calligraphy and graffiti are intermediate practices of inscription and trace, of twisting symbolic orders, and of political enunciation. Dokins lives and works in Mexico City. His cultural practice takes on contemporary art production, research, and cultural management.

He has put on curatorial projects related to urban arts and a number of political issues happening in his country. Among other awards, is the winner of the Iberoamerican Contemporary Art Creation Prize, Cortes de Cadiz, Juan Luis Vasallo 2015 in Cadiz, Spain.

His work as an artist has been shown nationally and internationally in countries as Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile, Brasil, El Salvador, Peru, and others. It takes up the economy of medieval calligraphy, the energy, and expressiveness of Japanese calligraphy, besides creating a poetic based on pre-phonetic writing.

For Dokins every experience is a trace, a psychic impression that creates a texture in our symbolic universe. In that sense, calligraphy and graffiti aren’t just on paper and ink, on the walls and spray, but on every event of our existence.

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