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Ink on Screen print (3c Screen Print on Munken Rough Pure Paper, 300g/m2)

Unique Piece

Vienna, Austria
This work includes a certificate of authenticity
Hand-signed by the artist at the bottom
Frame not included
Series: Community


“Community” is a contemporary masterpiece by Said Dokins, crafted through a unique technique of calligraphic intervention on screen printing. Using Chinese, metallic, and water-based inks on paper, Dokins transformed a series of screen prints into unique pieces. During the screen-printing process at Leap Prints studio in Vienna, Dokins handpicked pieces mid-creation for manual intervention, adding his personal touch through his mastery of calligraphy.

This piece was conceptualized in the context of the Viennese Calle Libre festival in 2021, where Dokins was a guest artist. Collaborating with Calle Libre and Leap Editions, he produced screen prints and original ink-on-screen-print drawings. The artist created all design layers on site, and the screen printing was carried out in a 100% analog process.

Known for his work primarily with signs, texts, and language, Dokins used words he collected from people he met and talked to during his stay in Vienna. His massive murals are a unique blend of calligraphic style and the disruptive gesture of graffiti, reflecting a fusion of tradition and modernity.Close-up of ‘Community’, capturing the tactile quality of the ink and the meticulous craftsmanship in Dokins’ calligraphic art.


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