Identity and Difference


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Ink on Screen print (3c Screen Print on Paper, 250g)
66 x47 cm

Ed 37

Bogotá, Colombia

This work includes a certificate of authenticity
Hand-signed by the artist at the bottom
Frame not included

Said Dokins, in collaboration with Peregrino Print Lab in Bogotá, created a piece titled “Identity and Difference.” This artwork posits that the universe is marked by a constant flux, a ceaseless state of becoming, wherein things are in continual transformation yet retain an intrinsic essence or identity. Dokins’ inspiration stems from the philosophy of Heraclitus, especially his notion, “The Sun is new each day,” which accentuates the dynamic balance between change (difference) and continuity (identity).

Dokins’ participation in the Periferia Festival VI, through his mural “Aletheia,” along with his joint effort with Peregrino Print Lab, provides a profound exploration of the nature of reality, memory, and truth.


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