Redefining Spaces Through Art

Art has the intrinsic ability to transform and redefine spaces, granting them new narratives and possibilities. This power of art is especially evident in its interaction with public space and its capacity to turn common places into extraordinary stages of cultural expression.

Ibiza, with a controversial history marked by change and the adoption of diverse cultures, has been a cradle and axis of electronic music. From its humble past to its recognition as a nightlife mecca, the island has undergone a metamorphosis also reflected in its art. The arrival of figures like Walter Benjamin, the Dadaists who paved the way for the later arrival of beatniks and hippies, set the stage for a culture of freedom, which would later be commercialized and globalized.

From Disco to Disco. The Mural by Silva Ramacci and Said Dokins

The collaborative work of Said Dokins and Silva Ramacci is materialized in a 560 m² mural, the largest in Ibiza, which has become an icon of the city. The piece is a tribute to the energy and music of Ibiza, combining the colorful and abstract style of Ramacci with Dokins’ calligraphy. Together, they create a piece that converses with the island’s history, its culture, and the duality between its essence and the often superficial perception of it.

Alert! ‘Ephemeral Electricities’

In the ‘Ephemeral Electricities’ exhibition, held in the large industrial warehouse in the process of dismantling at Endesa, Dokins presented an installation titled “Alert”, created from yellow fabrics with black calligraphy. The work reflects words like “freedom” and “resilience”, pondering over “war” and the need for “concord”. The piece becomes a call for reflection and action in the face of global conflicts, embodying the urgency and alert characteristic of the industrial setting.

‘I used several meters of safety yellow fabric that gives you a sense of alert typical of the industrial environment. I wrote several words that came to mind, like an exquisite and surrealistic corpse. Words like “freedom” and “resilience” emerged, and then I reflected on violence and the need to stop, take a pause and rethink how we want our societies to be. I think of this piece as a call for concord, and even more so with the events we are now living with the war in Ukraine or the invasion of Israel in Palestine, even Mexico and several countries in Latin America live in constant war,’ commented Said Dokins.

Dokins’ interventions in spaces like the Endesa thermal power plant are an example of how industrial and disused places can be rethought and revitalized through contemporary art, creating a dialogue between the space’s history and the new visual narratives that are introduced. This intervention not only transforms the perception of the place but can also act as a catalyst for a new cultural narrative and the appreciation of art in unconventional contexts.

Explore how Said Dokins' murals transform public spaces into dialogues of culture and history. Witness art's redefinition of urban landscapes.
Alert!. Said Dokins, installation art. Bloop, Ibiza, Spain Photo: Christian Sinibaldi

How can art continue to contribute to the reinterpretation and reappropriation of industrial and public spaces? How do ephemeral works affect our perception of permanence and change?

The Bloop Festival in Ibiza is a clear example of how art intervenes and revitalizes public space. Celebrating its fifteenth edition, this event brings together urban artists from around the world, who, through their work, stimulate community interaction and dialogue, whether from the electrical transformation centers, the facades of the island, appropriated spaces, or even illegal works.


Explore how Said Dokins’ murals transform public spaces into dialogues of culture and history. Witness art’s redefinition of urban landscapes.

Place: Ibiza

Year: 2023

Collaborators: Bloop Festival & Silva Ramacci

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