Sacred Places

All the places where I write are a sacred places

‘Sacred Places’ is a project consistent in the development of a body of work that came into being from the reflection on the scriptural act and its potentialities which unfold in various operations, including ritual writing and calligraphy as a space of negotiation between the profane and sacred.

Far from a conceptualization of the sacred in terms of a particular religion or as ‘belief’, I’m interested in understanding it as a way of being in the world, of experiencing that which dynamites the power, the force, and the compass of orientation in the world, something you would be willing to give your life for.

In the series ‘Hidden Words’ the sacralization of the everyday experience –specifically, of the scriptural act- l ies in giving a sense of depth to a practice that in its vernacular character extends the spirit to a liminal, unknown, and even dangerous dimension, as something that overtakes or surpasses it but is also the product of creative experience, which in its performativity involves both the discovery and the production of the enigma.

In that sense, these ‘sign exercises’ – as I call my works – are that sacred extension in which I experiment with the paper, the gestures, the stain and the deconstruction of the letter. Each exercise explores one of the three aesthetic-conceptual axes that compose the ritual practice: repetition, time and union.

Sacred Places addresses the notions of spirituality, the conversion of everyday places into spaces of exception, the configuration of the sacred sphere through repetition; to return to a thing, a phrase, a gesture or a detail is the way to reinforce an idea that open a mytical time, confering reality and meaning to the practice in such a way that reitaration constitues the sacred in time.

The way we conceive a cyclic or linear time, are topics addressed in the works About the time. In them, I reflect on the multidimensionality by which we understand it: time as an instant, as a duration or as a cycle where there is a return to chaos and a restart.

Other pieces are immersed in the concept of union, understood as the communion between people at the time of the ritual, merging with each other and with nature. Formally, this confluence of energies is materialized in the union of signs, as assembled links are concatenated to generate solid chains.

While in some pieces the controlled accident prevails, through dripping, and the expressiveness of the stain, in others, more subtle, the focus is on the substance, the characteristics of the materials, its brightness, its constancy.

Through overlays and transparencies I cover the entire surface with text over and over again, to create a kind of palimpsest where a series of hidden inscriptions, symbols and gestures account for the ephemeral character of language, as well as the hyperbolic nature of the act of writing.

Sacred Places

Said Dokins’ Solo Show at Artsy

‘Sacred Places’ presents 11 artworks on paper by Said Dokins where he explores the concept of the sacred through the scriptural act. As he performs his personal writing system, he analyzes the potentialities of calligraphy as a ritual and the hyperbolic nature of language.
Date: 2021
Place: Art Latinou Gallery.





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