Said Dokins in Grand Palais Immersif

An exhibition to discover soon at the Grand Palais Immersif!

We are thrilled to announce Said Dokins’ participation in the collective exhibition ‘Loading. Urban Art in the Digital Age’ at the Grand Palais Immersif, a hub for digital and artistic synergies.

Curated by Christian Omoedo, the exhibition narrates the urban art story, showcasing the impact of digital production and dissemination technologies on artists’ work in this field. From the New York subway to the new practices of urban appropriation and technologies of prominent international urban artists, visitors will experience urban art in all its facets through immersive digital experiences.

Said Dokins presents “Interferences,” a collaboration with Roberto Palma, projected onto the São Paulo State Industry Federation (FIESP) building. This piece is noted for its direct reference to Brazilian pichação, exploring themes of necropolitics, violence, and cultural resistance. Also featured is “Heliographies of Memory,” in collaboration with Leonardo Luna, a visual and conceptual exploration using light as a narrative instrument to capture and resignify history. Dokins draws with light over the canvas of the night, tracing light paths in historically charged locales.

The exhibition will run from December 6, 2023, to July 21, 2024, at the iconic Grand Palais Immersif – 110 Rue de Lyon, Paris 12e.

During his time in Paris, from December 3-16, Said Dokins will be available to explore collaborations and consider joint projects that drive unified visions of contemporary urban art. Feel free to reach out here to discuss potential collaborations.

About Grand Palais Immersif

© Rmn – Grand Palais, 2020 / Didier Plowy

Grand Palais Immersif is an innovative venture by the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais and its partners, offering digital exhibitions that blend art and technology to deliver an immersive experience. Housed in part of the Opéra Bastille’s “modular hall,” it presents two major exhibitions annually. The first, “Venise Révélée,” co-produced with Musei di Civici and Iconem, digitally recreated Venice, allowing visitors to delve into the city’s history and art. This initiative reflects the commitment of its creators to cultural innovation, regional development, and the transformation of the French cultural landscape​

About the exibithion

The Grand Palais Immersif’s “Loading. L’art urbain à l’ère numérique” exhibition is a profound exploration into the heart of urban art and its transformation through digital technology. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a historical narrative that traces the evolution of street art from the physical walls of the cities to the virtual walls of the internet and social media. This exhibition brings to life the spray-painted subways of New York and the expansive murals of the 2000s, celebrating the boldness of graffiti and its metamorphosis into a digitally-enhanced art form. It offers a panoramic experience within the monumental spaces of the Grand Palais Immersif, where art becomes a digital spectacle. Visitors are invited to engage with urban art from various eras, now reimagined through digital means and magnified by an auditory landscape crafted by composer Roque Rivas. This exhibition, accessible from December 2023 to July 2024, is a testament to the unyielding spirit of urban art, continually reinventing itself and expanding its reach through the avenues of digital progression

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